Solitaire 13

The basic premise of Solitaire 13 is to remove cards by creating pairs that add up to 13 (you remove Kings by double clicking on them).

Depending on the rules you choose for Solitaire 13, your game might be a light hearted journey to Ancient Egypt or a hard day’s work as you feel you’re building your very own real life pyramid.

On this site, you win the game by removing all cards from the pyramid. In some hard versions of the game, the rules say that you not only have to clear all of the cards from the pyramid, but also from the stock as well (that pile of cards in the top left where you get extra cards for play). That’s just nuts. The most common rules for Solitaire 13 seem to center around removing cards from the pyramid only. You use the extra cards in the stock when you want/need to, but you don’t need to concern yourself with getting rid of them.

One final bit. One set of rules for pyramid solitaire say that no redeals from the stock are allowed. That’s no fun though. Here on the soli 13 page, you get unlimited redeals by default. But feel free to change the game preferences if you’re looking for a challenge (and a game where luck is a much bigger factor as well).

We hope you enjoy playing Solitaire 13 and that you find that thirteen is your new lucky number.