In my travels, I have found not only many card games, but the many ways to build them.

My latest journey has brought me to JSolitaire, a curious Java-based solitaire game.

While most solis are built in Flash, JSolitaire takes the Java route.

Java was once poised to take over the browser world but something happened along the way. Slow loading applets, security problems, and a beginner unfriendly language all contributed. In recent years, Java has become even less relevant as fewer and fewer browsers support it out of the box, meaning users have to go through a lengthy (and obnoxious) install process before they can even get started.

With all that said, is a java solitaire game still relevant? That’s what I intend to find out. JSolitaire sports an impressive list of card games, including Freecell, Klondike, and Spider. Watch this space and I’ll have instructions for how to get started.

In the meantime, check out the classic solitaire card games on the main page.

JSolitaire KlondikeJSolitaire Pyramid